Not Even Close

MistweaverMistweaver Monk
Secret Infusion (1 point)
Calming Presence
Ancient Teachings
TFT + Expel Harm
Yulon's Grace
Dampen Harm
Diffuse Magic
Fortifying Brew
Phial of Tepid Versatility
Phial of Icy Preservation
Twin Guardian (Rescue)
Ancestral Vigor
Earthen Harmony
Blessing of Sacrifice
Pain Suppression
Life Cocoon
Leaf of the Ancient Protectors
Group buffs
Master Poisoner
Atrophic Poison
Black Attunement
Devotion Aura
Generous Pour
Mark of the Wild
Power Word: Fortitude
Group actives
Aspects' Favor
Chi Cocoon
Mass Barrier
Rallying Cry
Aura Mastery
Spirit Link Totem
Power Word: Barrier
Anti-Magic Zone
Stoneskin Totem
Add character
Black Rook HoldBlack Rook Hold
Darkheart ThicketDarkheart Thicket
Dawn of the InfiniteDawn of the Infinite
Throne of the TidesThrone of the Tides
Waycrest ManorWaycrest Manor
All dungeonsAll dungeons
You die
Damage scaling: 11.83
Unmitigated damage: 1,183,000
Versatility: 4.88% (2.44% DR)
Damage mitigated: 98,113 (8.29%)
Actual damage taken: 1,084,887
Starting health: 820,000
Absorbs: 0
Total health: 820,000
Overkill: 264,887
InstructionsInput your stats without any buffs that could affect your stamina and vers. Be careful not to double count vers phial, Fortitude, Mark of the Wild.Use my addon to quickly output stats. Import them by clicking the paste icon to the right of the character stats (not on Firefox), or by pressing ctrl-V/cmd-V if you only have 1 character. It accounts for vers phial, Fortitude and Mark of the Wild.If you have multiple characters or builds, create profiles for them with the + icon to the right of the stats. Load them back with the folder icon at any time. Changes made while a profile is loaded are automatically saved.Physical damage reduced by armor is not supported. Earthshaking Stomp and Hateful Charge are not reduced by armor.To give feedback or view the changelog, join the discord.